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ME:A Manifest/Characters

Checklist of what I have. I didn't put character ranks for uncommons+, just checked that I had them.I have Tsol at 18 and H.engi at 20. I'll probably finish levelling Tsol and check out a sentinel or infiltrator class next.If you guys want to shar...
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This may come as a surprise to some of you, but occasionally I pay entirely too much money to go travel and take pictures of FIIIIISHAlso I caught a Dive Guide doing something not particularly wise with a lion fish HereNow I just need to track dow...
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Graphics Card Upgrading

I currently have an NVidia GTX570.MOBO has a PCI-e 3.0 slot.I have a full sized tower, so room is not an issue.Processor is Intel i5-3570K @ 3.4 GHz8GB ram.Budget is 250ish.Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Guild Meetup Location and Deadlines

Hey guys,So almost no one voted in the poll and I am going to assume that means you either a) have no preference or b) hate me and have tuned me out--most likely you'll want to find another guild if that's the case. :pAnyway, I have gone ahead and...
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A shortcut into gaming playstyle/Bartle

Hey guys,Haka and I had this really cool discussion about the Bartle test the other day and it got me thinking about its shortcomings as well as the bias introduced by some of the test's more ambiguous questions. You can take it here, btw. Then I ...
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TYTH: DAY 1 GUILD PUG April 11th @ 8PM EST

I'll be running a PuG of Tyth the first lockout window of that week to clear SM and take a look at HM. This is intended to be a blind run, so while people who have seen the fight on PTS can participate, you cannot say anything about the fight, in ...
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Haka Jokes 2.0

Figured I'd move this here since not all of us still check the swtor site regularly . . .Here's one to kick us back off.Hey Kym?Yes Haka?What do you get when you mix an agnostic, an insomniac, and a dyslexic?*Obligatory sigh of exasperation of bei...
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Guild Meetup Vote and Information!

Hey guys,Here's the deelio. Niagara WON as the top place to go on our survey, and we'd be looking at the weekend of August 4th.RENTALS will be cheaper in Niagara, but FLIGHTS (more in a second) will be more expensive as it seems the best option by...
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International (non-Canada) Guild Meetup Very Prelim Post for 2018

Hey guys,Although I've long dreamed of taking the guild on a tour of North, really...I'm certain we would get killed for talking about APM and parsing while observing statues of our glorious leader.Anyway, you might know that I like to ...
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Getting Started in HotS, Pt. 1

Hey guys, here are some tips designed to make Heroes more accessible to our community. This is a broad-strokes guide which necessarily omits some of the details of pro- or even dedicated play designed for learners to solidify their experience.Setu...
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In-person meetup survey II

Hey guys,Here's how this works. If you're interested in joining our meetup, please vote NOT ANONYMOUSLY and then reply to this thread with your questionnaire answers.As usual, I will attempt to accommodate all scheduling and monetary restrictions;...
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Event II: HotS night II (3/11 starting at 5:10pm est)

Hey guys, last week was a hit and Shepard needs some more AI games, so feel free to drop in, play a few matches or a lot, and have fun! We'll start after raid Saturday, probably with a short break at first.Thanks,AJ
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Event: HotS night with Shep and AJ!

Hey guys, Saturday 3/4 between after raid time (5ish est) and 8 pm est Shep and I will be queuing AI mode and possibly noob mode for HotS. Everyone is welcome to come and I will organize groups if we have more than five people. You don't have to c...
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In-person meetup survey

Hey guys,As you may or may not know, I would like to do a meetup this year. However, I know that many people have to save money, vacation time, and/or plan around other life events.Do you think it would be feasible to do a meetup in late August/ea...
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State of the Guild

Hey all,Although I will not be discussing the changes at length, this is a message about the guild in general.I plan to stay here and work on things. As long as I'm here, we'll have a guild. Maybe we won't play the same games anymore, but you'll a...
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Favorite Guild Kill Video! (any game)

Definitely my favorite kill video / clip... NiM killshot Sunday Team)
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Space Engineers Server is Up

A "star System" server for space engineers has been created for Aisthesis' gloryAdd em on steam: "Haksilence" and ill get you in.
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Aisthesis Holiday Party Wednesday 12/28, 9-12pm est

Hey guys,All welcome for our holiday party. We'll be doing some cool stuff in GW2 and out of it, and hanging out bringing festive cheer to all.If you have any suggestions for our party and/or want to kick it old school in swtor, that can probably ...
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Space Engineers server interest check

Hey, for a while i had been playing space engineers casually on my time away from mmo's.its essentially a sandbox space mincraft only on a much larger scale and way more aesthetically pleasing. while the game IS very fun, i feel a server with a co...
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FFRK/Multiplayer Beta Coming

Hey guys,In the most random of randomest things ever the FF: Nostalgia Edition game I play is getting a multiplayer raid mode where you can party with up to three friends and/or try your luck in the queue.In case any of you are randomly also playi...
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