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News 9/24/17

Ajantis / Jan 06, 2016
Help us get guild wvw builds so we can advise each other and also theorycraft going into PoF. Thread's up here, we need people with class play experience to contribute. Keep in mind that we're trying these out for ourselves but also for newer players with gear restrictions, so an alternative stat set or some explanation about who the build is for would be great! All types of builds welcome. Once we have a list, I'll be pinning them in a final thread so people can follow it for advice.

Schedule is as follows:

Monday static 9-11:30pm
Wednesday static 9-11pm
Thursday static 8:45-11:45 pm
Saturday guild pug raid: 3pm

Blackgate WvW is Friday at reset (10 pm est). Come right on time and expect to be either in a party supporting a zerg or in the zerg itself. Saturday we begin at 9 pm est and we will either be doing havoc or zerging depending on what people feel like. Additional wvw available whenever AJ is free because rip diamond chests.

All times in est.

New Schedule


I'll be online and can run dungeon tours on Friday as well. - August 5
il be there for raids
Dube xD i think i fuck on something
So um...what name should you have?
I fixed it. For future reference, please put comments and other scheduled things in either a) a separate forum post or b) the shoutbox. It's not always possible to check on things that are appended to the static news box. Thanks everyone!

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