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Ajantis added a forum post

Come back. Play with us.

Yay! Welcome any and all catgirls. We can have a swimsuit competition later! *rolls catgirl alt*
Muert added a forum post

Come back. Play with us.

There is a Muerta running about FF. We need a horde of cat girls running around.
Ajantis added a forum thread

Leaving GW2

Hello everyone,I’ve been the GM of Aisthesis for six and a half years now, and I’ve been leading raids for about seven. When our guild came to Guild Wars 2 in late 2015, we were excited about the possibility of raiding in a new environment. I love...
Ajantis added a forum thread

Come back. Play with us.

The missionTo gather old and new players from Aisthesis and forge ahead into FFXIV.The (soft) deadlineTo have the first round of the playerbase together and ready to play at level 50 with their main story questline complete by February 1st.The goa...
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Welcome to Aisthesis 2.0!

Welcome back.What are we doing now?Guild Policies and Guidelines
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Ajantis added a forum thread

General Guild Rules and Policies

Hello everyone!Maybe you're a veteran member of Aisthesis who can remember legends like tuna crunching, Ved screaming for help, and various other shenanigans.Maybe you joined the guild two weeks ago!In any case, as I revive our site, I want to rev...