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7 of us will be prog raiding tomorrow night at 8:30 EST. Most are unguilded on pub side. We're basically 6 dumdums who have been raiding together for a while and having mindless fun doing it. And then there's Shamu, who's coming on a skinnier toon that's not in diapers. We're missing 1 tank or dps. People have offered to tank but would rather dps or heal for a change, so if anyone else would actually enjoy tanking, that would rock.

I'm not sure if we'll raid imp or pub side; it seems everyone has clones on both + legacy gear.

It looks like TOS is the flavor of the week but no one really cares what we do, as long as it's not KP or EV cuz boredom. Let me know if you want to pop in and trolll us, or shoot things. >:)
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